Little Troublemaker

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With such a sweet innocent face, how does college girl Joey earn her nickname as a Little Troublemaker? Well, by day she’s a mild mannered sorority cheerleader, but at night she’s running all over campus causing scenes with all her cute girlfriends. Yes, like most college girls, she likes to experiment. From what I can tell she likes playing with the girls but isn’t a total lesbian. Maybe 60% lesbian, and that’s all right with me. :) Check out these Little Troublemaker galleries.

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What I can tell you is Joey aka Little Troublemaker is having a blast shooting with the lesbian sorority girls. She says she’s always had a fantasy to pose naked and be famous, and it looks like that’s coming true. I wonder how many other college girls would become successful nude models if they had the opportunity? I’d like to think ALL OF THEM. Yum.

little troublemaker

Update! After graduating, Little Troublemaker has decided to go ‘full pornstar’ with her popularity. She’s taken the name Sarah Blake, and here are some more explicit galleries I’ve found.

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