Tawnee Stone

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Wow. This college girl is a solid 10 in my book. She must turn every head on campus. I know Tawnee Stone has messed around with some guys but lately spends most of her time with a lesbian sorority. What is it about Tawnee Stone that makes her so irresistible? She’s young, she’s cute, she’s sweet, and she has a killer body and smile that draws you in. I think she is the total package. We must find out if she’s just bisexual, or permanently playing for the other team! Check out these Tawnee Stone galleries. BTW the girl she’s fooling around with is Jordan Capri.

tawnee stone tawnee stone tawnee stone

There were no college girls like this when I turned 18. My campus was bone dry in terms of level 10 hottiness like Tawnee Stone. Still, now that I’ve seen her site I’ve been jerking it hard ever since. That incredible innocent look just gets me off, I’m not sure what it is. My daydream is corrupting little Tawnee Stone into doing all the dirty naughty things I can think of and showering her naked body with my buddy batter.

tawnee stone

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